Monday, March 2, 2009

Pavement at Jetty Butterworth

During return to my hometown I found pavement at Jeety Buttermorth must to make improvement. Why I say that?...

I have seen people with disabilities (visual defect) have difficulty to use step want go to ferry. Beside that, I also seen people with disabilities (he use his hand to walk) have difficulty to use step, it also can causes he into danger.

This picture show pavement that Jetty Butterworth provide to all users.

Jetty Butterworth should provide pavement same as Jetty Pulau Pinang, because that pavement is more common to all users especially people with disabilities.

This picture show pavement at Jetty Pulau Pinang

As we know ferry also major transportation in Pulau Pinang. So Jetty Butterworth have to look at consumer welfare such as users safety and convenience.

1 comment:

  1. Babe, saya selalu gak naik ferri sebab bila nak naik keter api kan. i dont think the pavement menepati standard yang telah ditetapkan.

    ingat tak ceramah Miss Tan Chin CHin ?

    I think you guys should write to Jetti!!